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15 Virtual Teaching Supplies for Educators

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

When my district first went to distance learning last March, I was CLUELESS! I had no idea what was going on or what I was supposed to do. I had no idea what Zoom was, and only a small working knowledge of Teams. My home “office” consisted of an old desk and chair, cheap headphones, and a wimpy keyboard. I searched many places online for suggestions as to what I needed, but back in March, we were all learning as we went, and I was not able to find many suggestions. Fast forward almost 10 months and I am proud to say that I have learned A LOT about distance learning, and the needs for educators. My district remains in the virtual environment, and after lots of searching and trying things out, I have found great supplies and equipment for my home office. My office is now fantastic and functional for me. I am lucky enough to be in a district that allows me to work from home and I tend to spend most of my day in my little office, tucked away in the corner of my family room. Having the right supplies and equipment has gone a long way to ease my stress in this strange new work environment. Below I have listed my top 15 must-haves for my virtual classroom. The links are affiliate but feel free to search them on your own as well, they are listed in no specific order. Am I missing anything? Comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts. #virtualteachingsupplies

  1. A Second Monitor- My district offered me a second monitor months ago, but I did not think it was necessary. My son received a new monitor for Christmas, so I decided to try out his old monitor. LIFE CHANGING! This has made teaching from home so much better!

  2. Wireless Mouse- I use a wired mouse when I'm at my desk, but a wireless mouse is so nice for when I'm done with the day and working from my laptop.

  3. Lap Desk- Necessity? No, but worth it to me to have a nice lap desk for when I'm working from my bed or the couch.

  4. Laptop Stand- While a lap desk may not be a necessity, I think a laptop stand is. It provides more room on my desk, keeps it cool, and makes me look significantly better on camera.

  5. Standing Desk- I LOVE my standing desk. I was so used to standing all day as a teacher, then when I started working from home I noticed how much I missed standing/walking all day.

  6. Anti-Fatigue Mat - If you purchase a standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat is a must because it is amazing how much your legs can hurt when you are standing in one place.

  7. Headset Hook- I have not 1,2 or even 3 sets of headphones, but 4! Having them all out of the way and clipped under my desk is convenient and a space saver.

  8. Desk Fan- I live in Central California and in the summertime, it gets HOT! Having a mini fan clipped next to me is a life-saver in the hot months.

  9. Wireless Headset- As I mentioned above, I have several sets of headphones. But my wireless is the best!

  10. Extra set of wired headphones - I was in class today, and my wireless headset died (oops, forgot to charge), and then my wired headset would not work (user error, did not think to turn them up) so thankfully I had this extra set of headphones to keep the class moving smoothly.

  11. Mousepad with wrist support- When you are on the computer all day then wrist support is a must. Nothing fancy or cute, but it does the job.

  12. Document holder - I keep my teacher editions propped up on my document holder. Also, helpful when grading papers. Again, nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

  13. Magazine holders- I just reorganized all my teacher books and regular books, magazine holders keep everything clean and tidy.

  14. Balance Ball Chair - I love my balance ball chair. When I am not standing at my desk, then I am bouncing around or stretching from my chair.

  15. Blue light glasses- Eyestrain from being on the computer all day is a real thing. These glasses helped a lot before I got prescription glasses.


Chocolate! I mean, on those days when your technology is not working, and you have a parent drop-in unannounced into your class, and then meetings after school, who does not need to have some chocolate laying around. I do not care what people say, it helps! My all-time favorite are the Lindor white chocolate truffles.

Are you in the virtual environment still like I am? Check out the list of my favorite virtual teaching websites. I could not live without these.

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