• Stacy Solis

A Whole New Respect

This is my sixth year as a teacher. I have taught fourth-grade for 4 years, and am going into my second year teaching sixth-grade. This summer I decided I wanted to teach summer school and signed up to teach second-grade. Let me say this, THANK YOU, PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS! I have a whole new respect for you. Teaching littles how to read, and write, and act appropriately is mind-boggling exhausting. I absolutely adore them, but rest assured, I will be staying as an upper-grade teacher for the time being.

Things I have learned as a second-grade summer school teacher.

Keep lots of disposable masks on hand.

My big kids never went through a single one of my disposable masks. Six days into teaching 2nd grade and my masks are GONE. What they do to break them every day, I'll never know.


I have been downloading and creating lots of games to teach my littles phonemic awareness (mostly rhyming right now) as well as silent e and vowel teams. I had no idea so many games existed to teach all of this! My kids are loving the games, but boy do they take a lot of planning and laminating sheets!

Questions, questions, and more questions

They are constantly on the move, with lots of questions. They LOVE to tell me all about the time their mom/dad/sister/cousin/best friends dad got bit by a spider/lost their keys/fell down, etc. Primary teachers, HOW DO YOU GET ANY WORK DONE?! :-)

Ready to learn

Many of my summer school students have not been in a physical classroom since they were in first grade. They are now getting ready to go into third grade. They are READY! When we write about our favorite part of the day, they almost all agree that learning new words, and working in centers is their favorite part of the day.


My students come from five different Fresno schools, so many of them do not know each other. However, this has not stopped any of them from quickly making friends. When we did our class agreement everyone agreed to make new friends, stick up for one another, and treat others how they wanted to be treated. They are a kind and friendly bunch of students and I am so happy I have had the opportunity to work with them.

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