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Social-Emotional Skills & Trauma

After some much-needed time away from my blog, I decided to come back and start things up again. The last school year was HARD once we came back onto campus after being gone for a year and I couldn't work and keep up with my blog. With that being said, this year is proving to be even more challenging than last. Emotions are running high in my classroom, and I am working with students who have faced a lot of trauma during quarantine and COVID.

This year is like no other year in teaching, and I find I deal with a new problem every day. Between trauma, wearing a mask all day to teach, kids going into quarantine on a frequent basis and my knee surgery (more on that to come), I feel like a first-year teacher all over again.

Due to the area that I teach in, many of my students live in high-poverty and high-stress households. The pandemic caused many of my student's families to lose jobs and/or their homes. The pandemic caused so much stress to my student's families that abuse and/or neglect happened which in turn has turned to trauma in the classroom. Teaching social-emotional skills has never been more important in my class than it is this year. We take frequent yoga breaks and are working on a growth mindset and calming down techniques. Emotions are high, but we are taking it on a day-to-day basis and learning how to be kind to each other.

I have always taught social-emotional skills, but this is the first year I have realized how much my students need these skills. With that being said, I have decided to go back to school and work on my Master's Degree in Social-Emotional Learning. I am beyond excited to start and am looking forward to trying out new techniques in my classroom and writing about what works and doesn't work. In the weeks/days to come, I hope to start sharing ideas that I have used with my students to work on social-emotional skills in the classroom. What ideas do you have?

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